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CW Assignment

She looked up to a blue canvas filled with floating colors. The sun was slowly toasting her freckled skin. The earth supported her body, which was sprawled over the warm sand. She turned onto her stomach and faced her friend who had long electric red hair with a green ribbon holding it all together. “Should we make fireworks tonight,” she asked her friend. Her friend’s lips stretched from cheek to cheek. Charly stuck out her thumb and closed one eye and saw how small the sun was. She erased it with her thumb and put in a moon. The hot air balloons popped and shrunk as they fell to the ground. The grains of sand slowly turned into mounds of glitter. Charly reached for a balloon and filled it up with glitter and threw it up in the air staining the sky with splattered glitter. It made an explosive sound that triggered laughter. Charly and Anna’s laughter echoed and shook the night sky causing the glitter to rain. They continued to throw more glitter balloons and letting them transform into fireworks. When all of a sudden the ground started to shake and Charly saw cracks proliferate everywhere. The mounds of glitter start to pour into the cracks. The waves of glitter trap Charly and Anna and carry them into the cracks and an irritating sound bounce off of their magical night sky. She opened her eyes and realized she’s back again. Charly sat on her bed and look around the four blue walls that imprisoned her. She turned to her doll and stroked her electric red hair and fixed her green ribbon. Finally hitting the alarm clock, she got out of bed realizing it’s another day away from a world of her own. Charly was always a bit different and she didn’t mind being different. Her best friend had two black buttons for her eyes and had a sewn in pink yarn for her smile: Anna. Anna was given to Charly when Charly was five. Anna was also different and that’s why Charly liked her. Charly went downstairs and to the kitchen to sit down for breakfast. Mrs. Lynn had frizzy, striking red hair and had a fragile figure. She was always tired, her wedding ring became loose around her finger. She always made black coffee hoping to wake her up a little in the morning. Mr. Lynn would always tap his fingers against the wooden dining table and had an abundant amount of silver hairs. Charly would always burst in every morning startling Mrs. Lynn while she was making her coffee causing her to bang her head against the cupboard. Mr. Lynn would give Charly a small smile while she gushed about her adventures with Anna. He would admire Charly’s energy in the morning and gesture for her hands to place into his. Every morning he’d try to calm Charly’s enthusiasm to make the morning bearable for Mrs. Lynn. Charly evaluated the environment around her and realized her stories should be told another time. She looked at her dad’s face and noticed the wrinkles that appeared over night. She kissed him on the forehead and went back to her room. She flung herself on top of her bed and took Anna in her arms. She looked into her black button eyes and asked, “Do you think they’d listen if you were here?” There was one wall in Charly’s room filled with pictures of places and short stories of Charly’s and Anna’s nighttime adventures. There were several pictures of Charly’s parents posing in front of pyramids, the Eiffel Tower, or any of the Seven Wonders of the World. There was one picture that Charly’s fingers landed upon. Her parents were at a hot air balloon festival. Her mother was wearing a long red dress and that matched her hair that was blowing in the wind. The only wrinkles that appeared on her father’s face was around the corners of his smile. Charly cradled Anna and walked her fingers over to another picture that was invaded with fireworks. She whispered into Anna’s nonexistent ears, “We were there Anna. Should we go to the Eiffel Tower next?” Charly heard her parents’ cars rumbling outside and peered outside. Her mother was in the green caravan while her dad was in the red Volvo and they both parted their ways. Charly and Anna waved but their waves weren’t acknowledged. Charly remembered a time when she woke up from hearing her mother’s laugh and going into the kitchen to see flour in her mother’s vivid red hair. Her dad’s hands were covered in flour and he was laughing under his breath. He would dive underneath her and fling her over his shoulders then throw her in the couch. The whole time her mother tried begging him to stop but her laughter prevented her from speaking. She threatened him with her fists. This whole time Charly remembered how pretty her mother’s laugh was. Then her dad would piggy back her mom and would make laps around the house. It was a while ago but it was unforgettable because of her mom’s laugh. Charly turned to Anna and touched her little hand and started to remember the time she first met Anna. Charly was by the doorway looking into the living room where her mother was sitting in a chair fixing something. Charly couldn’t see what it was so she came a little closer and saw a flash of green. She finally got a clear visual and saw a doll with electric red hair tied up in a green ribbon wearing a purple dress staring right at her. She looked up to her mother’s eyes hoping that they would meet hers, but they didn’t. Hers were glued at the doll and her fingers were wrapped around the red yarn that made up the doll’s hair. “Mama?” Her mother started to sing, “ You are my sunshine, my only sunshine, you make me happy when skies are grey.” “Mama, “ Charly said a little louder.

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Cassius's Arguement

Cassius starts to talk behind Caesar's back to Brutus. He builds up his point that Caesar isn't a great ruler that everyone thinks he is. He questions Caesar's strength by explaining one day that Caesar asked Cassius to jump with him to swim to a certain destination. Once they both got in the water Caesar couldn't fight the strong currents. Cassius even emphasized that they were both fully clothed to show that there was even more weight. This proves that Cassius is obviously the stronger out of the two. He also mentions another time when Caesar was sick in Spain and how the color of his lips were gone and how they were shaking. He also asked for a This shows vulnerability and Cassius thinks a ruler shouldn't reveal any sign of weakness. That they should be indestructible. He doesn't believe that Caesar has this indestructibility because he has already shown too much of his weakness. Then he convinces that Brutus would make a good ruler. He tells Brutus that he would make a better ruler than Caesar. He mentions that Brutus's name is just as heavy as Caesar's name. He envisions Brutus as a noble leader and he lets Brutus imagine it all. That's when Brutus asks Caesar to stop and that he'll think over Cassius's thoughts.

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Holden's plight derives from him simply being a misanthrope and or a hypocrite?

There are reasons why Holden thinks the way he thinks. He's like Jay Gatsby in the Great Gatsby. They are both so stuck in the past, and they can't accept change. Holden can't accept change, there's so many bad changes that has happened in his life, he doesn't want anymore. Allie's death is a big impact in his life, especially because he puts Allie up on a pedestal. He is constantly talking about Allie. In one of our discussion sessions, someone said that Phoebe is more mature than Holden because she has truly accepted the fact that Allie is dead. Holden still talks to himself and pretends to be talking to Allie. Also, when Holden is standing outside the museum he mentions he cannot go inside. He is scared that his perception of the museum of when he was a little kid will change. He might think the museum isn't as fascinating anymore and that magic has disappeared. He also tired of corruption and tarnishing the youth with filthy ideas. He doesn't want the younger generation to be corrupted, he likes the thought of remaining pure. He likes things to stay put, and it refers my other reason for Holden being depressed is that he doesn't like change. It's like people with OCD, one thing out of place, it upset them and it has to be put back exactly the way it was in the first place. Holden easily gets attached to those little moments that use to make him happy, and he can't learn to move on. I understand Holden's mindset because nostalgia drags me back to the past. Past filled with memories, that I wish that I can relive. But in a way if you think about it, the past made you the person you are today in the present. There's a reason why the past is the past and the present is the present.

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Catcher in the Rye 10-26

Question 2b
“If a body catch a body coming through the rye.” The lyrics that the little boy sang were incorrect, but there’s so much content within the text. The song Comin’ thro the Rye, is portrayed around a girl, Jenny dragging her petticoat in the rye. I get a feeling that she is carrying her struggles and trying to set herself free. But the boy’s lyrics show that another person will catch another when they fall. It implies emotional support when someone is at the lowest point of in their life. It represents protection and comfort. Holden struggles so much with himself and the world. He feels suffocated with a world full of phony people. He hates disappointment and it hurts him even more when he disappoints the people he cares about. As soon, as he enters the city, he creates a list of people he can possibly talk to. He slowly crosses people off the list, and realizes that there’s no one. Then, he checks into a hotel all by himself and witness the evil part of the world where people spit cocktails at each other, and prostitution. It shows in the book that Holden has a soft spot for children. He doesn’t want them to witness the world as he does, and he wants to preserve their carefree childhood by being “the catcher in the rye.” He wants to shield them from the world’s hard, cold truths. To him kids are the most refreshing human beings. They will never be his definition of phony. They’re so oblivious to reality and have never been exposed to sex and mone

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Catcher In the Rye Cover

My cover is not fully shown in the picture above. But this image I drew is of the Statue liberty holding a birdcage and ducks escaping from the cage and flying where they need to be. She’s also coming out of a filed of rye. The viewers are supposed to view it like they're looking up at the Statue of Liberty in order to see the ducks flying over her head. I chose the Statue of Liberty, not only because the book takes place in New York, but in the poem, Catcher in the Rye, it says, “She draigl't a' her petticoatie.” The Statue of Liberty has a garment of clothes that is draped all over her body that she has to drag around. The poem is about a girl named Jenny and I made the Statue of Liberty resemble Jenny. Her struggles to drag all her weight through the rye symbolize freedom. History tells us that the Statue of Liberty symbolizes independence and freedom. Liberty literally means freedom from external or foreign rule; independence. Instead of the torch I drew her holding a birdcage. In the book, Holden is constantly asking where the ducks go for winter. He’s looking for answers because he, himself, has nowhere to go and no idea what do with his life. He’s trying to find the light in the tunnel, and escape this imprisonment he’s feeling. I drew the ducks escaping and flying away from that imprisonment. The main theme of my cover is about freedom, getting past the stage of feeling imprisoned and never looking back.

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Catcher in the Rye 1-9

Question 2d
This passage shows how much Holden cares for Jane. He thinks Stradlater doesn’t deserve an amazing girl like Jane. Jane triggers nostalgia for Holden, he misses all the times they spent together over the summer. He remembers all the little things about Jane and he feels like Stradlater wouldn’t appreciate them the way he does. I think Holden personally feels like he has to protect Jane and reserve the image of “a girl he can play checkers with.” She’s like a trophy in a case and Holden doesn’t want any smudges or fingerprints. I imagine Jane to be the saddest girl with the most beautiful smile when I read Holden’s descriptions of her. How she put all the kings in the back row signifies a barrier to protect her from something. In this case, this something is her stepfather. But now Jane is going on a date with a guy who Holden vividly remember taking advantage of another girl in the backseat. Stradlater was only interested in conversation about Jane’s stepfather walking around naked. Holden was annoyed that Stradlater took it as some kind of perverted joke. I think the reason why Holden was so nervous was because Stradlater knew how to get his way with girls. He knew the ugly side of Stradlater while Jane does not. He also knows that a lot of girls are interested in Stradlater’s good looks and he’s worried that Jane might fall for them as well. That’s why he used the term “sexy bastard”. Sexy is used as a compliment but bastard most of the time is used as a negative connotation. Stradlater has a dual personality. He has an ugly side who is a secret slob, and a charming side he shows to girls. This is passage also is a real world application, when you know someone does not deserve another person.

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Coming Through The Rye

When I read this poem I imagine a very thin, pale girl with dark brown hair in a white silk petticoat that has been slightly torn, with stains along the bottom. She is drenched from head to toe, and her mascara has been smudged. If you saw her, you wouldn’t know if it was from the rain or her tears. She has scars and bruises scattered across her pale skin. The sky is grey, and Jenny is running across a meadow that has tall blades of grass brushing against her arms, irritating her skin. I imagine her face to be triumphant and for once in her life confident about the direction she is going. Her story goes about like this in my head. When growing up she had to live life with guidelines given to her by her parents and by age 18 her parents set up an arranged marriage to a much older, financially supportive man. Her scars and bruises came from herself and the man that she was forced to spend the rest of her life with. But then, one day she meets a young man, her age, that paints another image of the world that she has never looked at before. She gains the courage to stand up for herself, because she has finally come to realize that society’s opinion of her doesn’t matter. She runs away from the man she’s married to, so she can spend the rest of her life with her lover that is waiting for her on the other side of the meadow. This idea I got from when I read verse three, “gin a body meet a body comin thro’ the glen, gin a body kiss a body, need the warld ken?” Petticoats are usually worn underneath a garment of fancy dresses and when it describes this girl Jenny just wearing a petticoat, it can symbolize that she has thrown away all the burdens. Jenny is now free.